The heart of the hydrocarbon industry is between buyers and sellers. Energy products are produced, shipped, refined and delivered to the ultimate end user. These products change hands and are in the possession of various companies as they make their way downstream to be consumed. There are contracts in place to assure the buyer and seller agree that the amount and condition of the product to be sold. Custody Transfer is the term our industry uses to indicate the most accurate measurement of these products. For us, the heart of our business is CT flow meters. No matter the technology: Coriolis, ultrasonic, positive displacement, turbine or others, it is the critical component in the energy industry. That is why we are the experts in this field. Whether we are selling, repairing, troubleshooting, or programing, we are the Third Party to turn to in CT Measurement.

Coriolis flowmeters, transmitters

Liquid/gas flow meters, BS&W monitors & probes, level controls

Sample systems

Turbine meters, indicators

Mechanical registers and presets

Oval gear meters

Temperature averagers