Early on our 30 year history as a company, we were asked to mount meters, valves, pumps, etc on a skid for a customer. This began our long term expertise in providing meter skids and LACTs to the hydrocarbon energy industry. Of course, during that time we learned from customers what they wanted, what worked and things in between. First, we started with quality technicians; welders, electricians and pipe fitters, (See our Certifications). Secondly, quality components. Next there must be a clear understanding what the customer wants to accomplish and here is where our expertise in Measurement comes in play. Sometimes we are working with engineers who don’t do Measurement projects, truck/rail terminals or provers every day. We can bring our knowledge of API standards, industry standards and proven practices to the drawing board. New technologies are constantly changing our industry and IMCI stays abreast of these new products to assist our customer in having the product and price they need to satisfy the project, management and their customer.

Additive Injection System

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Lact Building

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